GPU compute made simple

AiSilicon provides an innovative workflow on GPU hardware, priced hourly.


Scalable GPU Compute

Run as many compute jobs as you need simultaneously on dedicated NVIDIA GPUs in a Tier 4 Datacenter. We can scale to meet your needs.


Priced Hourly

No paying for idle resources here.
We only bill for the time your jobs are running, plus competitive prices for dataset storage.


For Individuals & Teams

Our platform provides a powerful workflow and collaborative tools that enable teams to reign in costs and work together effectively.


The AiSilicon Platform

We designed a workflow that provides a simple and flexible approach to provisioning and pricing.

And then we built a platform for it.

Create a project and get started

How does it work?


Create a project on AiSilicon


Push a branch to your new Git remote


Pull results after your job completes


Zero Friction

Simply push your codebase and any data to the Git+LFS repository we provide and start running your project right away.


GPU Containers

Every job runs in a Docker container with configurable dedicated GPUs, giving you the flexibility to run any workload.


Cost Effective

Pushing a branch to your git repository creates a job automatically. Once your program exits, billing stops immediately.

Straightforward Pricing

We only charge these rates while your jobs are actively running.

RTX A4000

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    6144 CUDA cores, 192 Tensor cores, 16GB VRAM

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    4 dedicated Xeon CPU cores

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    30GB system memory


per hour

RTX A6000

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    10,752 CUDA cores, 336 Tensor cores, 48GB VRAM

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    8 dedicated Xeon CPU cores

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    60GB system memory


per hour

Modernize your GPU workflows

Scale your compute resources to meet your needs, without wasting money.